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BP-VK-2019-0114 - Villa in Calvia mit traumhaftem Panoramablick und Ferienlizenzvermietung !

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Property description

Villa Mofares has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and can accommodate 8 people. Spacious covered terraces and a cozy wooden deck by the pool offer space to relax and unwind. Olive trees and holm oak give pleasant shade. In winter the sauna is ideal and the house has central heating and a fireplace. And for the children there is a large trampoline and swings in the garden as well as a table tennis table.

The 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the house are divided and equipped as follows:

Bedroom I, upper living level: double bed (2 mattresses à 90x200cm), air conditioning, heating, bathroom en suite with bathtub and shower attachment, access to the upper terrace

Bedroom II, lower living level: double bed (180x200cm), air conditioning, heating, bathroom en suite with bathtub and shower attachment, access to the lower terrace

Bedroom III, lower level: double bed (2 mattresses à 80x200cm), air conditioning, heating, access to the lower terrace

Separate shower room on the lower living level for bedrooms III and IV

Bedroom IV, lower level: double bed (2 mattresses à 90x200cm), air conditioning, heating, access to the lower terrace

A guest toilet is located in the living area next to the front door

he pool is 9.5x4m, has a depth of 1.8m and is cleaned using a gentle salt electrolysis process

The property is approximately 700 square meters

The in-house sauna is located next to the pool and has an additional toilet

A carport with an electric access gate and e-charging station for electric cars is available for your rental car


The modern and family-friendly villa "Mofares" is only about 1 km from the center of the beautiful village of Calvià. There you will find everything for your daily needs with supermarkets, ATM, weekly market and restaurants. It is around 7.4 kilometers by rental car to popular sandy beaches such as Son Caliu and Cala Blanca



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